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Designed to provide more load carrying and more towing capacity. Every day we required more equipment to do our jobs, and we need more capacity to carry more equipment and tools.

The Goannawhere 6x6 is the answer. By using standard brakes and running gear, combined with the best quality conversion components, the Go Anywhere 6x6 can easily carry more, and tow better.

Gooseneck caravans or horse floats, and heavy plant trailers were the driving force behind this all terrain product. Affordable to purchase, this 6x6 will last and last.

AIR Down Easy with AIR CTI - for more Traction, More Control, Better Ride, Greater Safety, Less Tyre

Problems, Less Breakdowns, Less damage to Tracks and the Bush.

Multi Task your 6x6 with MultiCline.

Swap your camper for a tray or Work Back, or Load your Bikes at Ground Level.

Have your vehicle custom built and reap thebenefits of extra everything.

"Multi Task your 6x6 with MultiCline."
Air Suspension Articulates
Rocker Beam Stable
Stock Parts* Easy to Drive
Power Divider Rides Well
Auto Locking Tough
Carry More Proven
Tow More Affordable
Chet's Comments

I like the bush, being self dependent, and taking my toys with me. Life is too short. The problem

was I needed more load capacity, with better all terrain access, especially when fully laden.

And I've always wanted a 6x6. They just look great. Again, nothing is readily available or

affordable. We built our own. Rocker suspension provides the best articulation, so we used

rocker suspension. Air bags are ideal for load carrying. We used a full size truck air bag,

because they are cheap, and available at every truck shop. A conventional 'power divider',

as used in heavy duty trucks, was developed. This provides an automatic differential, with

auto lock, and uses longer tail shafts for more articulation.

Of course, we added AIR CTI, a custom cab, and a Multi-Cline tray for easy loading and

unloading of my toys.