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AIR CTI enables the Driver to Dial up the Correct Tyre Pressure for the Road and for the Load, which improves safety, improves control of the truck, both steering and braking, and minimizes the wear and tear on the tyres, the drive train and the truck.

Over inflated tyres will amplify b umps, be skittish to drive on, increase stopping distances, give a rougher Ride and cause excessive wear and tear on Tyres, Drive Train and Truck and Trailer.

Only 44% of tyres are within 5psi of their target pressure (American Truck Assn), Balancing tyre pressures on duals is claimed to lower tyre costs by 20% (Crossfire & Cats Eye), Tyre Pressure Maintenance systems claim to lower tyre costs by 30% (Meritor), Most punctures end up as blown tyres, often destroying its mating tyre in duals and causing other damage, Tyre problems cause up to 53.5% of breakdowns (American Trucking Assn),

Underinflated Tyres:  Approximately 7% of all tyres are underinflated by 20psi or more (American Truck Assn), a Tyre 20% underinflated wears out 20% Faster (Michelin)

Overinflated Tyres:  A Tyre 20% overinflated wears out 22% Faster (Michelin), Over inflated tyres suffer 3 times more punctures, stone bruises and penetrations, Over inflated tyres suffer 90% more uneven wear.

Over inflated tyres increase the fatigue of driver, suspension wear, tyre wear and reduces tyre performance (Goodyear)

"a tyre 20% underinflated wears out 20% faster"
Tyre Life improves 30-100% Handles Better
Rides Better Better Braking
Reduces Maintenance Reduces Breakage
Reduces Driver Stress Increases Drive Train Life
Saves Money Increases Driver Control
Is Road Friendly Is Environmentally Friendly
Reduces CO2 Emissions Better Time Scheduling
Less Road Maintenance Issues  
Chet's Comments

Almost every truck wastes 30% to 80% of their tires.   Almost every steer tire is underinflated, and almost all drive and trailer tires are over inflated, often severely over inflated.

Here’s some facts:   Our industry wastes every third tire, at least.   Many waste half of every single tire, just thrown away, wasted, blown, worn, or staked.

The cost is astronomical.   Billions of dollars are wasted every month, simply because we use  the wrong tire pressures.

We also waste lives, from unnecessary accidents, from unnecessary vibration levels, and unnecessary driver stress.   We also waste trucks and roads.   The waste is mind boggling, and so unnecessary.

AIR CTI is the only practical means of using tires as they are meant to be used.

Add up the annual cost of your tires, including blow outs, and time wasted.   Divide by three.   That is your direct cost.

Add up the fuel you use.   Divide by 50.   That is the fuel wasted.

Add up the chassis, suspension, and drive train maintenance.    Deduct oil, filter, and engine costs.    Divide this figure by 2.    Add that figure to the money you did not earn, while the truck is off the road.  

Then call us.    Stop wasting your money, time, and safety.