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These Buffalo winches are the best that we can find.  We had a problem with our Multi-Cline Tilt-Slide that needed a good winch. Warn told us their winches would not work.  All of their ‘in line’ winches power out against the brake. It turns out, so do most of the others. You should not let your truck down a bank by powering out the winch! It is not safe!

We found one winch supplier in the whole world, that made a quality winch, with a brake that doesn’t wear out, which is fitted outside the drum so it doesn’t over heat the drum.

Buffalo winches have great wire speed, strength, reliability, and guarantee. And are affordable.

With winches available from 3,000 lb (1,361 kg) to 12,000 lb (5,443 kg) Buffalo Winches is your one stop choice for your winching needs.

"Warn told us their winches would not work."
Available Winches
Buffalo 3 - 3,000 lb Buffalo W8 - 8,500 lb
Buffalo 3s - 3,000 lb Buffalo W12 - 12,000 lb
Buffalo 4 - 4,000 lb Buffalo R8 - 8,000 lb
Buffalo 4s - 4,000 lb Buffalo R12 - 12,000 lb
Buffalo 9000 - 9,000 lb  
Buffalo 12000 -12,000 lb  
  More Information coming soon.
Chet's Comments

Our Multi-Cline tilt slide zero degree and swap truck body system absolutely relies on a quality winch. It must pull the tray up, and it must let the tray and load down smoothly. A top quality winch was essential, yet, there was not one winch on the market that would do the job.

I’ve used winches for over 40 years, mostly Warn. When we developed the Multi-Cline, we needed a winch, and naturally started with Warn. We also tried some other brands, and an Australian made unit, but…..

Almost all 12 volt winches, including Warn, do not disengage the retaining brake when they ‘power out.’ I guess the winch makers think that we always winch in. What happens when you need to let your 4x4 down a ‘too steep’ slippery hill, which I’ve had to do too many times? Powering out will destroy the brake, making the winch dangerous. Do not power out unless using the Buffalo winch.

Also, almost all winches place the brake within the drum. By necessity, the brake is small in diameter, with high loads. This creates both wear and heat. The high heat will destroy plastic rope. Be real careful.

The Buffalo winch is unique. Not only is it built tough, it has a separate cone brake that is quite large, and is not inside the winch drum. The brake disengages when powering out, eliminating most wear, yet is instantly available if required. And the other numbers are great. Line speed is very good. And the range is superb. Twelve volt, twenty four volt, and hydraulic. From 3,000 pound to 30,000, these units are superb.

The Buffalo winch is the best winch that we could find.