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With just a glance, dual tire pressures can be checked on efficient walk-arounds with the Cat's Eye® Tire Pressure Maintenance System.

The Cat's Eye makes it easy to see if your tires are underinflated. This system attaches to the dual's hub or lug bolt and allows air transfer from one tire to the other. Its single airing point fills both tires at once, making the job quick, clean and easy. With just a glance, you'll instantly see changes in tire pressure.

The bright yellow "eye" of the Cat's Eye, opens up slightly if dual tyre pressure falls 5-6% below the recommended pressure setting. When the eye is completely open, the pressure has dropped 10-12% under the recommended pressure and needs immediate attention. The internal check valve prevents both tires from going flat in the event one tire develops a leak, blows out or when one of the pressure hoses is cut or broken.

Cat's Eye is available with rubber or stainless steel hoses in lengths of 12", 14" or standard 16". Link Manufacturing does not sell direct, please see the list of current Cat's Eye dealers.

"makes it easy to see if your tires are underinflated"
Chet's Comments

Trailer tire pressures are ignored. It's too difficult to check them, especially the inner tire, so we thump them. And pray, or knock on wood, and hope.

If the truck doesn't do the miles to justify AIR CTI, Cats Eyes are the only remaining choice. Cats Eyes will save around 20% of your tire costs, by balancing the two tire pressures, providing an equal rolling diameter.

Additionally, it's really simple to check the tire pressures, and you can add air to both tires through one easily accessed filler point.

Adjusting tire pressures with AIR CTI to suit the load, and or road, is the best and optimal process, otherwise, fit Cats Eyes.