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What is the difference between our Engine Tuning systems and others?

The biggest problem with most Tuning Systems is that they use the same generic box and program on many different cars. But this is then a compromise on all of these cars.

For example, even though a Hilux has the same engine as the Prado, the Prado has an intercooler, so it has different air temperatures; this requires a different fuel map. Our shops will not supply a Tuning Box off the shelf, all of our shops order boxes as required, and tuned to match your vehicle modifications.

We have created different maps to match modifications like larger exhausts, larger tyres, LPG systems etc.. All of the Morepower PC adjusted Boxes also contain a Data Log function. So if the customer makes changes to the vehicle, they can run the vehicle for about a week after the modification, and then post the Tuning Box back.

Our Morepower technician can read the change to the vehicle from the Data Log, and from this information, can make program adjustments, this service only costs $30 (AU$).

"These are impressive chips with great back up."


06 BMW 530d
I now have more power and better acceleration than most petrol performance cars, and average 5.7L/100km.

BMW X5 3.0L Diesel 135kw
Your tuning work to our car has saved us from trading up, and given us equivalent power and economy to the newer model, thanks.

R/Rover 3.0L TD6
The engine is far more able to cope with the weight of this vehicle now, and with no loss in economy, I am very pleased with the results.

R/Rover 2.7L TDV6
Goes like a V8 with car economy.

Mits. Pajero 3.2L
Once correctly tuned, the power increase was very noticeable. Will be getting one for my new common rail Pajero, as you said that one is a simple plug-in unit.

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5L
Simple, 5 minutes to fit, the result is wonderful.

Toyota L/cr 100ser 4.2L TDI
This is my 2nd attempt of tuning my 4wd. The 1st product was much more expensive and was uncomfortable to drive with all the surging. Your product gave me the extra towing power I was looking for, without the surging problems caused by the other product.

Toyota Hilux 3.0L TD
My ute was starting to feel a bit tired, but this system really woke it up.

Toyota Hilux 3.0L TDI
The wiring loom connecting to each of the injectors was already impressive, but the performance was amazing.

Chet's Comments

As with everything we sell, it all starts with a need, which we have to solve.    We research the industry to see what is available, then match it with our requirements.  If we can buy something off the shelf, we will.   Same with performance chips.  Many are available, and costs are similar.   For me, it’s always the people behind the product, the knowledge that they have, and their willing to share.

The More Power man is simply amazing.  The knowledge is superb, unmatched in my experience.   He tunes the chip to suit your needs.  If you change your truck, exhausts, tyre size, or needs, the data logging facility means he can compare your trucks parameters and re tune it to suit.

On some of the commercial trucks, he actually does a mild tune up, and gets you to drive it for a week.   Then he analyzes all of the engine parameters, exhaust temps, boost, water temps, etc., and retunes it to optimize your motor.

These are impressive chips with great back up.