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Swap any body in minutes, easily and safely. Works on any size or type of truck or trailer. Bodies are safe and secure at ground level. Great for portable buildings, workshops and amenities

Tired of waiting, then MultCline will save you time and make you money. Swap any Body in minutes - Works like a Tilt Slide - Weighs Less and Costs Less. The Tray/Body with the Load can be laid flat on the ground and left onsite for loading/unloading, whilst another Tray/Body is being delivered. Saves on waiting time.

Makes Goods easy to Load and Unload, and able to change truck bodies in Minutes, from a Tray to a Pantec and back again. You can load whilst the tray/body is on an angle, or flat on the ground, It is easier, quicker and often safer to load at ground level. Your truck or trailer is too expensive to be sitting idle - MultiCline will help it do the job of many trucks - more versatile.

MultiCline will change the way you work, and you schedule work, it is adaptable, sized to suit your needs and suits any truck and trailer, MultiCline is affordable, helps you make profit and saves you both time and money.

Winches used can by hydraulic or electrical, can work with or without air suspension, can be set up to pull damaged or inoperable vehicles onto the tray.

MultiCline also offered as a retro Fit.

"MultiCline will change the way you work"
Easy Loading/Unloading Convenience
No Rush Safe
No Expensive Loading Bays Safe and Secure
270 Degree Access to Load/Unload Specialized Bodies
Containerized Distribution Tough
Do It Yourself Benefits Proven
Relocatable Workshops Amenities
Chet's Comments

We developed this product because of a need. We have owned trucks for over 20 years, yet it was always difficult. How do we load a broken down tractor or car? How do we cart some gravel? How do we get the cattle crate off, and where do we leave it that is safe? Hell, it’s almost impossible to load a refrigerator, or even a truck wheel and tire without help or a fork lift.

Multi-Cline makes this possible. Finally, a truck is a multipurpose machine that is easy to use. Multi-Cline does not weigh much, nor is it particularly expensive. But it sure is easy to use. I’ve loaded everything from broken down cars, to bobcats, to super single tires, to furniture, without ramps, and without breaking my back.

You’re not locked in to one style of body either. Swapping bodies takes only a few minutes. In ten minutes, my tray truck changes to a pantech fully enclosed weather and vandal proof body. We’re planning a motor home body to make it a home away from home.

We have built mini car movers, a boat mover, and motor cycle movers. We’ve even developed a super neat ute or pick up bed, that tips, or dumps, and slides right off the back.

This product is super neat. It makes life so much easier, and safer.